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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Welcome to the San Miguel Writers’ Conference Online faculty Proposal Submission Site.  

Faculty Proposal Submissions for the 2023 San Miguel Writers' Conference is NOW CLOSED. 

San Miguel Writers’ Conference Faculty Submissions 2023: The 2023 in-person Writers' Conference will take place February 13th to 17th in San Miguel de Allende. It is our policy that all our faculty teach two or more workshops. We ask that all faculty presenting proposals submit at least two separate proposals. For each of your proposals please select the appropriate workshop category from the list below. When you propose a second or third 90-minute workshop, in the same or a different genre, please submit a separate proposal for each workshop. If you are unsure which category to submit your proposal in, click "Show Guidelines" next to the category to get a better idea of what that category includes.  Proposals are reviewed by different people, who may or may not see all the submissions by the same person. For this reason it is important you fill out each submitted proposal completely rather than referring to a different submitted proposal. Please, limit your total number of proposals to SIX or fewer. The proposal submission deadline is March 5, 2022 . 

San Miguel Writers' Conference Literary Agent Applications: Scroll to the bottom of this page to find the "2023 Literary Agent" submission category. We ask you to hear 15-minute pitches from writers. We will schedule these appointments for you on three afternoons of the Conference. In addition to hearing pitches, we would like for each of our resident agents to teach a 90-minute or three-hour workshop. Please include a workshop title and description in your Agent Application. 

San Miguel Writers' Conference Individual Consultations & Three-Hour Workshop Submissions:  Faculty can now submit proposals for Three-hour Intensive Workshops and 30-Minute Individual Consultations. Applicants must submit two 90-minute workshop proposals in order to submit to these other categories.    

Virtual Workshops & Panels:  In order to reach a global bilingual audience we have recently added virtual panels and workshops to the writers' conference. We have added questions to the proposal forms about the possibility of doing your proposed workshop or panel virtually.  

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Note: If you begin filling out a submission proposal and realize you are missing information, you can scroll to the bottom, save your proposal as a draft, and come back later to finish it.

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